What they really mean

“We manage the managers” – I skimmed a Morningstar report and the wholesaler took me to a Broncos game.

“Buy this dip” – Please please please don’t turn into a bear market.

“We use a tactical allocation strategy” – I’m going to place a lot of trades in your account so it appears that I know the future.

“We’re on your side of the table” – I would really appreciate it if you rolled over that old 401(k) so I can charge you 1% on more assets for doing the same work.

“It’s a proprietary strategy” – I bought a black box and have no idea what is inside of it.  It’s shiny though!

“He has a great track record” – This guy is the luckiest SOB around and we’re betting it hasn’t run out yet.

“The technical indicators are strong” – These charts are pretty, and I get to act like John Madden drawing on them.

“We’re cautiously optimistic” – We have no idea.  This is pretty safe though.

“I’m a contrarian” – Me and everybody else.

“Core & Explore” – We want to make a bet so we appear to earn our keep, but we know it’s a 50/50 toss-up so it’s a tiny bet.

“This stock is a great story” – You are a fool who will fall for the narrative and take this out of my inventory.




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