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Lower future returns: What’s an investor to do?

Corey Hoffstein over at Newfound Research put up a great presentation on how investors should respond to lower expected returns in the future. First I’ll make the standard disclaimer that my industry has been calling for lower future returns for the better part of a decade now without much accuracy. But let’s take it a […]

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Remaking Retirement Savings in America

I think a lot about retirement savings. I do retirement planning for individuals, I manage individual and family retirement portfolios, I recommend and manage retirement accounts for small businesses. I help individuals work with their CPAs and TPAs to determine the right retirement plan for them. I deal with salaried employees and independent contractors. Small […]

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I love my Individual 401(k)

Being self-employed comes with a lot of perks.  Like the fact that I put the little one down for nap today to help out my wife and that I’m going to sneak out for a ride here this afternoon.  And that I only answer to my clients (and the regulators, I suppose). No staff meetings, […]

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Q&A With

I did a pretty lengthy Q&A with the folks at about investment strategies, fee structures, goal setting and more. It was fairly thoughtful, I hope you enjoy it.  You can find the whole piece here: Expert Interview with James Osborne About Flat Rates And An Unbiased Approach

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Yes, I actually read (most of) Tony Robbins’ new book

In case you aren’t obsessively plugged in to the financial web/Twitter/blogosphere, mega self-help guru Tony Robbins has a new book out on finance and investing, “MONEY Master The Game.” (I’m not going to link to Amazon because I don’t want you to buy it.  But we’ll get to that.)  Everyone has been abuzz this week […]

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“Bucketing” Your Retirement Income – A Valid Approach?

The single biggest concern for retirees and the financially independent is how to ensure that they do not outlive their assets.  Endless studies have been made on safe withdrawal rates, including those originating the “4% rule.”  Fears over long-term income shortfalls are why insurance salesman pushing complex, expensive “guaranteed lifetime income” variable annuities have so […]

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2015 Adjustments for Retirement Plans & Social Security

Announcements are rolling out for cost-of-living adjustments to retirement plan limits, Social Security benefits and other tax calculations, as below. The official adjustment for Social Security benefits is 1.7%, up slightly from 1.5% in 2014.  Inflation remains subdued and some categories saw little or no changes. The biggest news is the increase in 401(k) deferrals, […]

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A Small Business Retirement Plan Case Study

Or, how I helped a small business owner save tens of thousands of dollars every year. Last year I was approached by a small business owner (we’ll call him Frank) to review his company’s 401(k) plan. His company is small (10 or so employees) but profitable.  He was working with a very bright and hardworking […]

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Bob Seawright’s Who To Read

Yesterday Madison Avenue Securities’ Bob Seawright had a great piece up on whose stuff he is reading on the financial web. Well I am completely dumbfounded to find myself among these titans of the financial web, and honored. The list includes the biggest names in financial blogging (Abnormal Returns, The Reformed Broker, Pragmatic Capitalism, etc), […]

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5 Financial Priorities to Make In Your 30’s

You finished college (and probably grad school, law school or medical school), and landed a real job.  That real job has turned into your career, and it’s time to get serious about what you’re doing with your money.  If you have not figured out your financial priorities, here’s how to get started. 1) Cash in […]

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Retiring Early? 4 Things You Need to Know

You’re there! You’ve spent the better part of your lifetime working, earning, saving and investing prudently.  Maybe you sold your business or are taking off the corporate suit and tie for the last time. Whatever the backstory, you’re ready to retire early and you have some big decisions that need to be made. Health Insurance […]

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Fixing America’s Battered Retirement System

If you’re paying attention, you may have noticed that America’s retirement savings strategy is imperfect.  Thanks to the advent and widespread use of 401(k)  plans, the traditional pension plan of old has gone by the wayside for most workers. In a competitive business environment, employers have shifted much of the burden (and some of the […]

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