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Tax Loss Harvesting: Enough is Enough

I recently had a conversation about the benefits of tax-loss harvesting, specifically about the benefits offered by several leading robo-advisors who perform “daily” tax loss harvesting, and if “traditional” human financial advisors are losing their edge in this space. Tax loss harvesting (TLH) and specifically aggressive TLH, is one of the primary selling points of […]

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Slow down to go faster

(Warning, bike metaphors ahead). Last weekend I went out for an ice long ride on the mountain bike as winter is threatening on the front range. I headed for Mount Falcon, which is one of the most challenging climbs on the front range on a bike. Steep, technical, rocky, fairly long. I am pretty competitive with […]

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Finance Conferences: G.O.A.T.?

Much has already been written about last week’s Evidence Based Investment Conference in NYC. Put on by the fine gentlemen at Ritholtz Wealth Management and IMN, both the speaker and attendee list was a who’s-who of current and upcoming finance (Twitter) celebs. I won’t rehash sessions and speakers here, but if you’re interested, check out: […]

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Meditations (for investors)

I am neck-deep in the modern translation of Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations (sorry, I couldn’t handle the “thy”s and “thou”s of the old translation, and my Koine Greek is pretty rusty since undergrad. Yes, I’m serious). Admittedly I have fallen in love with it, probably more than I loved Seneca’s Letters from a Stoic which is really saying something for […]

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A Collection of Regrets

Earlier this week I was chatting on Twitter with some folks about my generation and homeownership and mentioned that I regretted buying our “starter home.” This sparked some thoughts about regrets, financial mistakes I’ve made and things I would change if I could go back in time and do it again, at least from a […]

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Spice Things Up

Next week I’ll make my monthly individual 401(k) contribution, just like last month and the month before that. And (because it’s a brokerage account and not a traditional plan) I’ll review my portfolio’s allocation and add to an ETF or two where I’m underweight. Next month I’ll do the same thing, just like the month […]

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Trends in the land of mutual funds

The 2016 Investment Company Institute (ICI) fact book is out, revealing a treasure trove of data about the world of mutual funds and ETFs. If this sort of thing interests you, keep reading and then make sure you get the whole enchilada from ICI here. Some incredible highlights: Traditional long-term mutual funds had net cash […]

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Permanently bearish commentary

“May you live in interesting times.” The world is a pretty amazing place, moreso today than ever before. We have instant-on, ready access to more information that even existed 100 years ago. Better research, more powerful computing, more data, more robust data and more analysis of that data are all in my pocket (okay, plugged […]

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Too much feedback

Early this year I did something I have practically never done: went on a diet. I have always been very active and generally put in decent annual miles on the bike. But years of assuming that being active meant I could do whatever I wanted when it comes to beer and pizza had started to […]

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Watch your influences

We are all products of those around us. What goes into our brain affects who we are, how we view the world, how we perceive the people around us. I was thinking about this recently when a good friend of mine mentioned that he had been cutting back on some of the darker themed TV […]

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An Average Colorado Winter

Last week it was really nice here in the Denver area. We hit 65F late in the week and the average high was around 50F. The week before that was nice too, getting into the high 50s and average high temps in the high 40s. For me this meant time riding outside in the sunshine, […]

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4Q 2015 Markets in Review

Market Overview Markets ended the year with a strong fourth quarter but that rally was only enough to bring global stocks back to breakeven for the full calendar year. Small cap US stocks struggled to keep pace with their large cap brethren and emerging markets had another very difficult year, once again posting double-digit losses […]

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