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Live on Less. Have More.

My friend Morgan Housel recently asked me to contribute to a piece he did, asking for my best 5-word financial advice. My response was the title above. But I want to expand on this a bit, since it’s a little vague. Maybe by design. Simply understood, if you can spend less money, there’s more to […]

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Your Personal Financial Planning CAPE Ratio

I was thinking some more about this piece I wrote about moving averages and how we get too much data, and then found myself thinking about how CAPE obsessed many investors have become. For the uninitiated, CAPE aka Cyclically-Adjusted Price/Earnings Ratio aka CAPE10 aka PE10 aka Shiller’s CAPE is a valuation measurement designed to smooth […]

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Trends in the land of mutual funds

The 2016 Investment Company Institute (ICI) fact book is out, revealing a treasure trove of data about the world of mutual funds and ETFs. If this sort of thing interests you, keep reading and then make sure you get the whole enchilada from ICI here. Some incredible highlights: Traditional long-term mutual funds had net cash […]

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