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Too much feedback

Early this year I did something I have practically never done: went on a diet. I have always been very active and generally put in decent annual miles on the bike. But years of assuming that being active meant I could do whatever I wanted when it comes to beer and pizza had started to […]

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An email precursor

I found an old email recently that I found very interesting and somewhat telling. This is from me to my dad in early 2011, about 18 months before I started this firm. In it I was very clearly torn about the direction of my career, my industry and how I would go about doing this […]

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1Q 2016 Markets In Review

Market Overview Markets had a rough ride to small gains in the first quarter. After a quick drop during January and the first half of February, the S&P 500 recovered during the following six weeks to post positive returns of 1.35%. Small cap stocks could not keep up in the recovery rally and were down for the quarter. […]

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