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Some folks wiser than me

Tadas over at Abnormal Returns is doing his annual “Finance Blogger Wisdom” roundup and I was happy to participate. We are spending the week covering robo advisors, smart beta, the rise of indexing and more.  The first two are out with more coming every day: Finance blogger wisdom: smart beta bubble? Finance blogger wisdom: peak […]

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The fight and lies against Fiduciary

Oh buddy. I’m going to share a recent exchange I had with a client regarding what a friend heard from his “advisor” regarding the new DOL Fiduciary rule that is likely to be in place in the next year.  This is copied, verbatim, with permission from my client. “This is the real deal folks. I […]

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The progress of science (and ourselves)

Earlier this year I wrapped up a great book, Bill Bryson’s “A Short History of Nearly Everything.” It’s a brief but very thorough look at our history as we know it – from astronomy to anthropology, paleontology and particle physics. Really, everything. What really struck me is how science has progressed over time. How we as […]

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Watch your influences

We are all products of those around us. What goes into our brain affects who we are, how we view the world, how we perceive the people around us. I was thinking about this recently when a good friend of mine mentioned that he had been cutting back on some of the darker themed TV […]

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