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Going Deep Interview

I was recently a guest on Aaron Watson’s podcast “Going Deep with Aaron.” During the interview we chatted about my background, my perspective on the business of financial advice and the behavioral aspects of being an investor. I had a great time doing this one, hope you enjoy it! #65 – James Osborne, Crafting the […]

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Don’t be Dana Scully

I love the X-Files. Love it. The mediocre acting, the campy monsters, shadowy figures. It’s great. But one of the best parts is that every episode is exactly the same.  Like this: Mulder & Scully investigate mysterious phenomenon. Mulder sees supernatural explanation. Scully is blind to all supernatural explanations. Supernatural thing/being/occurrence puts Scully in danger. […]

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An Average Colorado Winter

Last week it was really nice here in the Denver area. We hit 65F late in the week and the average high was around 50F. The week before that was nice too, getting into the high 50s and average high temps in the high 40s. For me this meant time riding outside in the sunshine, […]

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