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Slow down to go faster

(Warning, bike metaphors ahead). Last weekend I went out for an ice long ride on the mountain bike as winter is threatening on the front range. I headed for Mount Falcon, which is one of the most challenging climbs on the front range on a bike. Steep, technical, rocky, fairly long. I am pretty competitive with […]

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Finance Conferences: G.O.A.T.?

Much has already been written about last week’s Evidence Based Investment Conference in NYC. Put on by the fine gentlemen at Ritholtz Wealth Management and IMN, both the speaker and attendee list was a who’s-who of current and upcoming finance (Twitter) celebs. I won’t rehash sessions and speakers here, but if you’re interested, check out: […]

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Now what?

It’s 10:11pm MT on election night and it would appear that despite nearly universal predictions to the contrary, Donald Trump is about to be elected to be the 45th President of the United States.  Markets are in near freefall overnight, and the last figure I saw was DJIA futures off over 800 points, more than […]

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It’s Working!

Diversified investors finally have something to be happy about. I can tell, because nobody called this quarter to ask (a.k.a. complain) about performance. (Aside – I’m kidding, this practically never happens, my clients are awesome!). What’s the reason?  Here’s year to date performance of various asset classes. Practically every major equity asset class is in-line […]

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You have got to be kidding me with this Forbes garbage

For most of the last year I’ve been getting solicitation emails from the “Five-Star Wealth Manager” people, desperately trying to get me to pay them to make me look like some kind of nonsensical award-winner.  Today’s really takes the cake. Here was the email:     And here is the “offer:”     The lede […]

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Meditations (for investors)

I am neck-deep in the modern translation of Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations (sorry, I couldn’t handle the “thy”s and “thou”s of the old translation, and my Koine Greek is pretty rusty since undergrad. Yes, I’m serious). Admittedly I have fallen in love with it, probably more than I loved Seneca’s Letters from a Stoic which is really saying something for […]

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A Collection of Regrets

Earlier this week I was chatting on Twitter with some folks about my generation and homeownership and mentioned that I regretted buying our “starter home.” This sparked some thoughts about regrets, financial mistakes I’ve made and things I would change if I could go back in time and do it again, at least from a […]

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What you can learn from a tax return

With all of the hubbub surrounding a certain presidential candidate’s unreleased tax returns, I thought it would be fun to talk about what you can really learn from a 1040. Most financial planners will agree that reviewing a client’s tax return gives tremendous insight into their financial life.  So here’s a quick rundown. Income, and […]

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3Q 2016 Markets In Review

Market Overview It’s almost hard to remember that a little more than 3 months ago we were all on the edge of our seats with much hand-wringing over the potential fallout of Great Britain voting to leave the EU. But, as these things tend to do, the apparent crisis faded away as the initial over-reaction […]

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Do the work

I was chatting with a client recently and we got a little sidetracked (as I have a tendency to do) talking about hobbies and fitness. My client (we’ll call him Jim, because that’s his name) had started swimming recreationally at the beginning of the year. After a career of working too hard and raising a […]

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Spice Things Up

Next week I’ll make my monthly individual 401(k) contribution, just like last month and the month before that. And (because it’s a brokerage account and not a traditional plan) I’ll review my portfolio’s allocation and add to an ETF or two where I’m underweight. Next month I’ll do the same thing, just like the month […]

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Sirens blazing

Bloomberg has an incredible story up today about a small hedge fund putting up some crazy figures and a slew of that-doesn’t-smell-right observations about the fund, its accounting, its strategy and its manager. I can’t bring myself to go through each and every one of them, so you should really go read the story: How […]

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