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You’re the worst

I had a great conversation with some clients last week about our investment strategy. Some of the discussion centered around why I recommend the mostly passive, long-term, low-cost strategy that I do, and why we don’t do some other things that might work too. I think that a low-cost passive strategy is most people’s best […]

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Be Not Afraid

It seems all but certain that this week the Federal Reserve Board will raise the Fed Funds target rate at their December meeting. This has led to much hand wringing, fretting and scheming among many investors who own bonds or bond mutual funds.  I have been asked several times in the last month what we […]

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All the time, Every time

Most investors, especially those at or near retirement, would give a limb or two for consistent returns. They wouldn’t even have to be staggering, Bernie Madoff 12% consistent returns. 4-5% real returns year in and year out is a pension trustee’s dream. Of course, it’s not surprisng then that so many investment products and strategies […]

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Selling Financial Secrets

A few weeks ago a friend of mine sent me a link that he knew would get me all riled up, and he was right (am I so transparent? It seems so). Want to see? I mean, who wouldn’t love this? 12.5% returns in “safe” municipal bonds and no volatility like the stock market? Every […]

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