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Fireside Markets Episode 13: Active, Passive and Alpha with Jason Voss

In this episode of Fireside Markets, Jason Voss, content director at the CFA institute, joins me to discuss his recent series on the merits of active vs. passive portfolio management. Voss, CFA charterholder and former portfolio manager of the Davis Appreciation and Income fund had recently written a series titled “Alpha Wounds” in which he […]

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My Dangerously Selective Memory

Lately I have been doing something that you might think is a bit odd. I have been forcing myself to re-live and hold on to painful or unpleasant memories. As an investor, I think you should too, and here’s why. Among the many strange things our brains do is something called the “fading affect bias.” […]

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Things Won’t Stay The Same

My kids keep growing up, and it continues to surprise me. One who was just learning to stay upright is now a constant chatterbox and a daredevil on her Strider bike. The other seems to have grown a foot this year and has gone from quiet and reserved to confident ringleader of her friends. But […]

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