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Fireside Markets Episode 12: Investing, Writing and Behavior with Jason Zweig

In this episode of Fireside Markets, Loeb award winning journalist Jason Zweig of the Wall Street Journal joined me for a great discussion about investment writing, strategy and philosophy and controlling our often wrongheaded investing impulses. We also discussed many books (including his newest, The Devil’s Financial Dictionary, affinity fraud and the role of price […]

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What is and isn’t “Risk”

It’s a popular thing to bash on measuring the risk of an investment portfolio with standard deviation, the preferred metric of most academic studies. If you skipped stats in college (congratulations, by the way), standard deviation measures how much movement around an average return you might expect in an asset or portfolio.  So higher standard […]

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No Shortcuts

Yesterday in the mail we got a flyer for some new gym opening near our house. I glanced at it on its way to the recycling bin. The advertisement was promising super-efficient workouts to burn more calories than average, and keep burning calories for days after! What a miracle. I’m a fairly active guy for […]

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Have your cake

I get asked from time to time about being tactical with part of an investment portfolio, and I often see advisors touting such a strategy. Usually the pitch is that the advisor uses a strategic (meaning fixed) asset allocation for the “core” of the portfolio and then makes tactical moves between asset classes or in/out […]

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3Q 2015 In Review

Market Overview Markets across the board were ugly in the third quarter, particularly in September. Diversified investors likely feel there is nowhere to hide, as practically all major asset classes had significant losses for the quarter. Large cap US stocks were down, small cap stocks were down double-digits, emerging markets were crushed, down nearly 20% […]

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