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Fireside Markets Episode 11: Tadas Viskanta on Financial Media, Behavior and Evolution of Investors

In this episode of Fireside Markets, host James Osborne has an insightful conversation with Tadas Viskanta, author behind the powerhouse financial blog at Abnormal Returns.  The discussion covers consuming financial media, the financial blogosphere, investor behavior and evolving as investors. Items mentioned in this episode include: Tadas’ site Tadas’ book: Abnormal Returns: Winning Strategies from the […]

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Built for action

We humans are doers. We want to move, to make, to accomplish, to act. We do not take kindly to sitting idly by. We do not enjoy being bored and most of us struggle to sit quietly alone. It is increasinly easy to distract ourselves, to push away the quiet. Unless I’m asleep I am […]

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Four (or is it six?) years in the making

Volatility is back, there’s no getting around it, and we’ve got ourselves a nice little 10% correction from earlier this year. Last week we saw big intra-day swings in the markets across the globe and yesterday we saw more of the same with the S&P 500 off nearly 3% at the end of the day and […]

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