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Fireside Markets Episode 09: Quantitative Value with Wesley Gray

In this episode of Fireside Markets, host James Osborne has an extended conversation with Dr. Wesley Gray, Executive Managing Member of Alpha Architect.  The discussion centers around Gray’s book, Quantitative Value. We discuss value investing, efficient markets, the risks of high tracking error/active share strategies, data mining and much more. Items discussed in this episode include: […]

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Medicine, Finance, Paternalism and Duty of Care

Recently on his excellent podcast EconTalk, host Russ Roberts had a conversation with Eric Topol, author of The Patient Will See You Now. They spent the episode discussing the shifting landscape of health care, primarily due to huge innovations in technology, driving more information into the hands of consumers and shifting the balance of power between providers and […]

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Products of our environment

There is a huge spread of opinion among financial professionals for topics of all stripes.  Pick your poison: Actively managed portfolios or index funds? Insurance as an investment vehicle? Immediate annuities for retirement? How much to allocate internationally (if at all) for stocks and bonds? Do you factor tilt? Do you make tactical moves? Do stocks […]

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2Q 2015 In Review

Market Overview Suffice to say it was not an overwhelmingly exciting quarter in the markets, at least until the last week of June. Global stocks were modestly positive over the last three months, with similar returns from US, international and emerging markets stocks.  Year to date international stocks and small cap US stocks are still […]

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