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When & How Active Managers Outperform

The debate over active or passive fund management is long in the tooth.  Proprietors of managed funds and advisors who sell them will always look for cracks in the data or a good narrative to keep selling their wares. And the financial media loves the debate, they know they will get clicks and readers by […]

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Fireside Markets Episode 07: Investing as a Liberal Art with Bob Seawright

In this episode of Fireside Markets, host James Osborne discusses a variety of topics with Bob Seawright, Chief Investment Officer at Madison Avenue Securities and author of Above the Market. During our conversation we discuss Bob’s background and education, the value of a broad-based education and approaching investing as a liberal art. Items mentioned in […]

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I love my Individual 401(k)

Being self-employed comes with a lot of perks.  Like the fact that I put the little one down for nap today to help out my wife and that I’m going to sneak out for a ride here this afternoon.  And that I only answer to my clients (and the regulators, I suppose). No staff meetings, […]

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When Do Complex Portfolios Win Out?

I’m a big believer in well-diversified portfolios.  Just how you define a well-diversified portfolio is a matter of opinion. You could own practically every stock in the global public markets and a pretty robust portfolio of bonds with three funds and investment expenses of about 0.15%. If you’re looking for a simple definition of diversification, […]

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