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Let me tell you a secret

Right now, sitting in an office somewhere there is a fund manager you have never heard of who is going to be famous in the coming years.  This person will have absolutely spectacular performance during the next bear market. S/he’ll be heavily overweighted to a handful of stocks that avoid the downturn, or (more likely) […]

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Fireside Markets Episode 06: Fixing the 401(k) with Ben Carlson

In this episode of Fireside Markets, host James Osborne discusses the current state of the 401(k) marketplace with Ben Carlson, the blogger behind A Wealth of Common Sense. We discuss 401(k) providers, poor participation and savings rates, the generally confused state of small business owners, and a few possible fixes. Items mentioned in this podcast: My piece […]

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The fault in their stars

It pains me to type this, but it is nearly election season again.  Early contenders for the 2016 presidential election are lining up, making formal and less-than-formal announcements and warming up their campaign machines. The Republican field is littered with what seems to be a dozen candidates and the Democrats seem satisfied admitting that they’re bringing Hillary […]

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Quit trying to get it right

In 2010 I was the primary relationship manager for a client of my former firm.  This client happened to be a large financial services membership organization with a healthy balance sheet, including a large long-term endowment that we were hired to help manage. I worked directly with the finance committee members to develop investment policy, […]

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Yours truly in some press

A few bits and pieces of press quoting or featuring me have made the rounds recently so I thought I’d share. One, the cover story of Financial Planning magazine surrounds the nature and changing landscape of financial advisory fees, and they were kind enough to call me for some input. If you’re lucky enough to […]

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1Q 2015 In Review

Market Overview In the first quarter of 2015 we finally departed from the performance leadership of large cap US stocks. The S&P 500 squeaked out a positive return of 0.95% over the past three months which was dwarfed by strong performance in small cap US stocks and international developed markets, up 4.32% and 4.88%, respectively. […]

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Fireside Markets 05: The One-Page Financial Plan with Carl Richards

In this episode of Fireside Markets host James Osborne is joined by author, artist, blogger and investor educator Carl Richards to discuss Richards’ new book The One Page Financial Plan. We discuss being honest with ourselves when making financial decisions, the difficulty of accepting “guesswork” about the future, decision fatigue and much more. Items mentioned in today’s […]

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