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Fireside Markets 04: The Future of Financial Services with Josh Brown

In this episode of Fireside Markets, host James Osborne discusses the current landscape and what the future of asset management what look like with Josh Brown, aka The Reformed Broker. We discuss the active vs. passive debate, robo-advisors, liquid alternatives and what good advisors can truly offer to clients. Items mentioned in this podcast: Josh’s Blog […]

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Yes, you have a long-term time horizon

I made my first real investment in the markets around age 22. I was fresh out of college, newly married and had gotten my first “real job,” which happened to be in the financial industry.  I knew little, but I knew enough to know that an early start was going to be to my advantage […]

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Do Dimensional Advisors Add Value?

(Full disclosure:  I am a DFA-Funds approved advisor and recommend Dimensional funds for some client portfolios.) An oft-repeated statement of advisors approved by Dimensional is that investors in DFA funds are protected from bad behavior of other shareholders because fund flows are all controlled by advisors.  Is it true?  Do DFA fund shareholders exhibit better […]

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*Quick business note

I don’t talk a lot about the business of this firm on the blog, as most information pertains to existing clients and I communicate with them in other ways.  But this note isn’t for them. I’m a sole proprietor and I like it that way.  That’s how I intend things to be indefinitely.  I much […]

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Managing Expectations

At the beginning of my client relationships, we talk a lot about expectations. What I expect of the clients (to keep me informed, to help me help them make rational decisions, to review their account statements, to meet with me on a somewhat regular basis to discuss planning topics, etc) and what the clients expect […]

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