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Making my way

(Recently there’s been a good run of financial bloggers talking about their start in the industry, including Cullen, Ben and Patrick. I thought I’d take a turn as well.) I was 21 years old, just out of college and had just gotten married, and I had no idea what I was going to do with my life. […]

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2015 Adjustments for Retirement Plans & Social Security

Announcements are rolling out for cost-of-living adjustments to retirement plan limits, Social Security benefits and other tax calculations, as below. The official adjustment for Social Security benefits is 1.7%, up slightly from 1.5% in 2014.  Inflation remains subdued and some categories saw little or no changes. The biggest news is the increase in 401(k) deferrals, […]

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The Trouble with “Active Share”

It is becoming a well-accepted fact that the majority of mutual fund managers underperform their respective benchmarks. There is simply too much data on the subject to be ignored.  Not less than quarterly Standard & Poors releases a “report card” on the industry and it consistently shows us that the wide majority of funds fail […]

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Stocks fall

It’s true.  Stocks went down.  They do that, you know.  Maybe we’ve forgotten.  We’ve had something over 1,000 trading days without a 10% decline (which, by the way, we still haven’t had – as of October 9th, the S&P 500 is down less than 5% from the high in September, despite today’s drop over 2%). We […]

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Diversification sucks

Let’s face it.  Being a diversified investor is terrible. 1) You will always be worse than the best performing asset class (and you will always compare your performance to the best asset class, because your brain is terribly designed for investing). For this reason your portfolio’s performance will always seem mediocre. 2) You will always […]

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3Q 2014 In Review

In The Markets After months and months of market gains, risk is suddenly back on everyone’s mind.  During the third quarter, large cap US stocks managed to squeak by with a small gain, but many other asset classes saw losses.   US Small cap stocks (-7.36%) and developed (-5.88%) and emerging foreign markets (-4.33%) were […]

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You can just save this for later

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