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2 Years Later

Two years ago this week I gave notice at my previous employer, moved my family across town, filed the registration for this firm and found out we were going to have our second little one. Without question it was the best professional decision of my life.  Apparent risks aside, I am now in an environment […]

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Narrative myth

In early 2009 the financial press was dumping praise on any mutual fund manager who had evaded a bulk of the stock market decline.  These managers were lauded as heroes, visionaries with the keen insight to see that the worst market and economic environment for 80 years had been just around the corner. Fund managers who […]

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Art or Science?

Last week there was a great piece at, “Inside Robo Advisor Asset Allocation.”  The author picks through the recommended portfolios from Wealthfront, Betterment, WiseBaynan and other new “roboadvisors.” It was an interesting look and revealed just how different multiple “passive” portfolios can be.   I had a few observations that I shared on Twitter: […]

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The only thing that really matters

In my relatively young career I’ve had the privilege of working with a great many clients from all walks of life. Schoolteachers and successful entrepreneurs, young married couples and retired engineers, doctors, dentists, lawyers and accountants. How all of these people reached (or are reaching) financial independence isn’t entirely dependent upon the right investment strategy, […]

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The Active Decisions of a “Passive” Investor

Recently my friend Cullen wrote a piece titled “Putting the “Underperformance” of Active Managers in Perspective” that spurred a bit of discussion between the two of us.  While Cullen and I may disagree to some degree about the benefit of a more “active” investment strategy (including how tactical one might be with a portfolio), one […]

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How should a millennial’s balance sheet look?

There has been a considerable amount of discussion lately about the investment habits of Gen Y, aka millennials. Most of the headlines claim that millennials are “scared off of stocks” and are invested much too conservatively for their own good. How Millennials Missed Out On A Gigantic Fortune In The Stock Market For Millennials, Cash […]

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