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What Goes Around

Last week we got a brand new niece, Hazel Elizabeth.  She is both healthy and beautiful.  Our toddler is very excited that there is another cousin to play with (someday soon). It struck me when we were meeting her for the first time that Hazel, her cousin Eleanor and our daughter Cora all have what […]

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Knowing Vs. Doing

This summer I’ve become halfway-decent on the mountain bike. Good saddle time, good riding buddies and pushing myself (and a new bike…) have led to getting stronger, faster and a tiny bit more confident. I’ve come to enjoy the climbs, I can hang with most people on the way up and have even picked up […]

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Everything Wrong with Traditional Investment Advice

Recently in the Wall Street Journal there was a piece titled “Small Stocks Could Be Getting Too Cocky.” Quite frankly, it was full of the usual nonsense we’ve all come to expect from the financial press.  What should I do with my portfolio now?  Where is the market going? Less obviously it asks the question: […]

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Second Quarter 2014 In Review

In The Markets The markets continue to prove everyone wrong.  Despite ongoing calls for a stock market correction, global stocks had a very healthy quarter and have solid gains year-to-date.  As you can see below, this is true for US large cap and small cap stocks, foreign stocks and emerging markets. US Large Cap Stocks […]

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2014 Mid Year Check-Up

At the beginning of this year I gave you my 2014 Market Strategy.  I thought I would put myself to the test and see how I’m doing. 1) I think I am pretty good at admitting what I don’t know.  I certainly did not guess that long-term bonds would be among the best performing asset […]

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