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A new kind of “Murder Hole”

Well, this doesn’t happen on a regular basis anymore, but I just got pitched (via email and voicemail) a new breed of terrible investment.  The offer was for a non-traded (that’s inside speak for illiquid, you won’t be able to sell it) Business Development Company (BDC) investing in the debt of private companies.  Oh goody. […]

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5 Reasons You’re Not Warren Buffett

Every investor at some point has wished that they too could have the track record of Berkshire Hathaway.  Please, let me disabuse you of that fantasy.  Here are five reasons why you are not (and will never be) Warren Buffett. 1) You don’t have a time horizon of “forever.” Buffett is oft-quoted saying “Our favorite […]

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Loungechair Investors

Look at us.  Sitting in our chaise lounges, Mai Tais in hand, watching the sunshine shimmer off of the gentle surf. Relaxing without a care in the world; life is wonderful. It’s spring 2014 and investors are sitting pretty comfortably.  We haven’t seen Markets In TurmoilTM for what feels like forever. That little hiccup earlier this […]

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A Lay Guide to Understanding Money & Monetary Systems

I get a fair amount of comments from clients, prospective clients, other advisors and other professionals about their macroeconomic outlook, monetary policy and the Federal Reserve and inflation.  It is not unusual for these views to be misinformed or lack a general understanding of money and the monetary system in the US.  So I want […]

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