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What are your biases hiding?

I spend a lot of time talking with people. In a sense, talking to people and listening to people is what I do for a living. During the process, I hear a great deal of what investors are thinking.  What they think is going on in the world, what has happened in the markets, the […]

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What’s your track record?

Every advisor gets the question from a prospective client in some form or fashion.  On the surface, I understand.  An investor shopping around for an advisory relationship is looking for ways to compare advisors s/he has interviewed. If not referred to this advisor, what do they have to go on? A website, some marketing material […]

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How Investors Choose Advisors

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Retiring Early? 4 Things You Need to Know

You’re there! You’ve spent the better part of your lifetime working, earning, saving and investing prudently.  Maybe you sold your business or are taking off the corporate suit and tie for the last time. Whatever the backstory, you’re ready to retire early and you have some big decisions that need to be made. Health Insurance […]

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Fixing America’s Battered Retirement System

If you’re paying attention, you may have noticed that America’s retirement savings strategy is imperfect.  Thanks to the advent and widespread use of 401(k)  plans, the traditional pension plan of old has gone by the wayside for most workers. In a competitive business environment, employers have shifted much of the burden (and some of the […]

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What should an advisor really do?

There’s a lot of misconception about what value a financial professional can add.  And there are just as many questions about what an advisor does all day. Which tasks and priorities are actually of value for clients? I found this pretty inspiring: Finance occupations are 1% inspiration, 99% selling the idea that EMH doesn’t work […]

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Here comes the year-end fund tax bite

Ahh, the holiday season.  You’re relaxing with (or avoiding) your family, eating and drinking to your heart’s content, blissfully unaware of the outside world. Aunt Linda is re-telling the story of the blizzard of ’72 and your uncle Walt’s snores have driven everyone from the living room. And yet somewhere between the last piece of […]

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