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Year-End Planing for your Small Business Retirement Plan

It’s already mid-October and the end of the year will be upon us before we know it. Entrepreneurs and small business owners should be considering if any planning opportunities exist to help them defer taxes and save for retirement. Dates and deadlines for establishing and contributing to a workplace retirement plan vary considerably depending on the […]

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What not to do, courtesy of institutional investors

Bob Seawright has another great post up this week that you need to go read, “Updating the Yale Model.” The piece highlights many failures faced in the institutional investment world of pensions and endowments, specifically taking to task illiquid investments, hedge funds and performance-chasing behaviors. Individual investors have a lot to learn from the missteps […]

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What you need to do before year-end

Any minute it will be Halloween, and then Thanksgiving, and then the rest of the holiday season will come and go, and then it’s 2014. Before the year runs out, investors would be wise to consider planning opportunities available to them in areas of charitable giving, deduction planning and tax loss harvesting, among others. Charitable […]

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(Almost) Every Reason You Should Buy Index Funds

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Vanguard or Dimensional Funds?

(Full disclosure: I am DFA-approved advisor.  I would invite readers to also see my thoughts after my trip to a DFA conference: After the Dimensional Fund Advisors Conference) Fans of index investing know that there are two powerhouses in the traditional mutual fund space: Vanguard and Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA).  Both companies have rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth fans […]

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Do “inflation-hedged” investments deliver?

Inflation-hedged investments are all the rage.  Since the commodities boom of the mid 2000’s and politically-driven town criers screaming of Fed-induced hyperinflation, investors and their advisors have scrambled to build portfolios with an eye on “inflation hedged” investments.  This has meant a scramble for commodity investments and Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, among others, in hopes of […]

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More on asset-based fees

Not to beat a dead horse here, but Tom Brakke (aka Research Puzzle) has a good piece up this weekend about fee models in the investment industry. A few highlights: Managers who like AUM fees say that they should do better when their clients do better — and worse when the clients do worse — and […]

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Third Quarter in Review

Markets Despite volatility in late September, the US stock market had another solid quarter, with the S&P 500 gaining 5.24%, leaving the benchmark up 19.79% for the year. Small cap US stocks continued to shine, with the Russell 200 up 10.21% on the quarter and 27.69% on the year. International stocks were even better, with […]

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The most widespread lie in the industry

A little rant now.  If there is one thing in my industry I am sick of hearing, it’s this: “Our percentage-of-assets fee model puts us on the same side of the table.” Let’s stop talking about a fee-based model as if it is the holy grail.  Yes, it is better than your advisor churning your […]

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