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Active vs. Passive: Mid Year Check-Up

Standard & Poors is out with its latest Index vs. Active Scorecard with data through 6/30/2012. (You can download the entire PDF report here.) This report is released twice a year to compare the performance of actively-managed mutual funds to an appropriate benchmark and report how many funds are outperforming the market.  The strongest evidence in […]

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All Index Funds are Not Created Equal

Index investing is relatively simple – certainly much simpler than pouring over meaningless track records, performance statistics and manager biographies of actively managed mutual funds in an attempt to beat the market.  That said, more thought should go into a passive portfolio than buying the nearest S&P 500 fund and considering your work done. First […]

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The Costs of Investing

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Why Bother With Diversification?

Over eight months in and 2013 has been an interesting year for a well diversified investor.  Despite continued fears over high unemployment, a possible end to Fed stimulus and more potential US military action in the Middle East, the US stock market is booming.  Through 8/31/13, the S&P 500 has gained 16.15% and small cap […]

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A Dangerous Idea

My colleague and fellow blogger Bob Seawright recently asked several of us in the business to contribute a “dangerous idea” for a piece over on his blog Above the Market. My contribution is below, but you should head over and read the entire piece. “I was right” may be the most dangerous thought that presents itself […]

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How (and why) I Quit My Job before 30

About this time last year I walked away from a nice paycheck and decent benefits to start this firm.  It wasn’t the easiest decision – we had a one year old daughter and we were considering having our second.  But I was struggling with the philosophies of my former employer and generally not happy at […]

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At My Investment Roundtable

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the people who I choose to be influenced by, who I read regularly and I respect. And wouldn’t it be nice to sit down with many of them, over dinner and wine, and see how much I can learn in one evening?  In a fanciful world where this […]

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