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Why invest in stocks, anyways?

“Stocks for the long run.”  Everybody knows that, right? Ask why, and you’ll be told “historically stocks have returned 9% (or 10%, or 12% depending on who is talking) over the long run.” And that’s true.  Long term returns on US stocks have historically been in the 9-10% range, depending on how you slice it. […]

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Markets Selloff This Week

It was a turbulent week in global stocks. Wednesday and Thursday combined the S&P 500 dropped roughly 3.8%, putting some fear back into investors after a very calm and profitable start to the year. Thursday was especially volatile with a drop in the DJIA of nearly 350 points. Despite panicked headlines, it’s important to take […]

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I Don’t Care

Here’s a list of things I don’t care about: What the market did today The 200-day moving average Some imaginary pattern a talking head “sees” in the market 95% of anything on CNBC What a politician said What a politician in Europe said Any explanation the financial press has for today’s market movement Google’s (et […]

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Mountain Biking: Relying on the Counter-Intuitive

Since we moved back to the west side of Denver (Lakewood, officially) I have been doing a lot more mountain biking. I can ride some nice local singletrack from my front door and try to do so on a regular basis. I am a mediocre mountain biker, but it’s fun, good exercise and gets me […]

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The hardest part of active management

In my past professional life I led research and analysis for a $600 million Colorado-based Registered Investment Advisor. I was primarily responsible for the ongoing due diligence and research of actively-managed mutual funds and separately managed accounts for recommendation to our clients. I reviewed performance statistics, trailing returns, performance attribution, manager biographies and tenure, fund […]

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Understanding Colorado’s New Civil Unions

(The following is a guest post from Erica Johnson, an estate planning attorney with Ambler Keenan in Denver, Colorado.) On March 21st, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed into law legislation creating legal domestic Civil Unions in our state. What is a Civil Union? A civil union means a relationship established by two eligible persons, male or […]

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The Virtues of Doing Nothing

  These are our daughters, Ellsley (2) and Cora (3 weeks). Being a parent the second time around has been a dramatically different experience. When our oldest was born, we worried a lot about sleep. Was she getting enough, could we get her to sleep, did she sleep long enough, etc, etc. We read everything […]

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What’s my beef with Mr. Ramsey, anyway?

So this weekend there was a bit of a brewhaha on Twitter surrounding the investment advice given by one Mr. Ramsey, a very well known personal finance guru and the author of many debt-reduction, cash flow planning and general personal financial advice books, classes and seminars. Things started off with a number of CFP® fee-only professionals […]

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