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The ridiculous nature of asset-based fees

I was recently speaking with a friend in the business about a prospective client who was referred to him.  He was excited to work with this couple whom he knew to be great individuals and good friends of an existing client.  In addition, this couple had a investable net worth of over $10 million.  Now, […]

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But, but, but…Inflation!

Five years ago the United States economy was mired in the largest recession in 75 years. Domestic economic activity plummeted: Unemployment skyrocketed: As the gears of the financial mechanisms in this country came to a halt, major concerns about deflation were raised.  A potential depression-like scenario was presented as a real possibility.   In response to the […]

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Using to Get Your Finances in Order

Many of my clients know that I am a big fan of  Mint is an online portal that allows users to aggregate financial data from banks, credit unions, credit cards, loans, mortgages and investment accounts under one roof. Mint is a great way for individuals to quickly get a picture of income and expenses […]

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Does my pension income reduce my Social Security Benefits?

The average worker will change jobs roughly every four years, giving him or her the potential for ten different jobs over a forty year career. Many of these individuals will bounce between private sector and government jobs throughout this process.  As a result, it is easy for workers to potentially pay into the Social Security […]

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