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When your ETF isn’t an ETF

Exchanged Traded Funds have boomed in the past few years as investors piled in to the low-cost investments typically designed to follow a specific index or sector. ETFs offer many benefits – improved liquidity, very low cost, inherent tax-efficient structures and broad access to various asset classes. (If you are unfamiliar with ETFs, there is […]

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Why there will be an economic game-changer in your investment lifetime (at least once)

It’s 2013 and we’ve spent the last five years in a constant state of economic fear.  Domestic and global economies were crushed by recessions and struggle to recover.  Unemployment is lingering at unproductively high levels and central banks are using every tool in the kit (including some brand news ones) to drive economic activity, causing […]

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So I went to a due diligence meeting

One of the mutual fund industry’s favorite perks for large asset gatherers is on-site “due diligence” meetings.  Here’s what this typically looks like: 1) I get an email from the wholesaler at Next Big Thing mutual funds (NBT). “Hi James, Thanks for all of the business you guys have done in the NBT Super-Fund this […]

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How will we pay for Ellsley’s college?

This is Ellsley, our daughter who is about to turn two. Like most young parents, we hope and expect that Ellsley will go to college in roughly 16 years so she can broaden her horizons, learn to work with others and possibly find a field of study she loves. My wife and I were very […]

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Rising Rates: Bonds or Bond Funds

(Look – I don’t know if interest rates are going to go up this year.  They might.  They might not. A prediction about the near-term direction of interest rates is NOT the intent of this piece.) Whenever there is a hint that interest rates will start to rise, brokers and some advisors start unfurling the […]

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What if Warren Buffet Ran a Mutual Fund?

Warren Buffet is easily everyone’s favorite long-term investor.  He is a legend, growing a defunct textile manufacturer into a wildly successful diversified organization through careful analysis and savvy buying.  He has become one of the wealthiest individuals in the world through a keen business sense, carefully timed purchases (and probably some luck). However, his legendary […]

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January in the Markets

January came to a close with a strong month in the US stock market on some positive economic news. Markets The S&P 500 closed out the month up 5.18% closing at 1498.11.  In January the S&P 500 broke 1,500 for the first time in five years as the markets continue a long recovery from their […]

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